Basic SEO Tips For Newbies

After you’ve selected keywords for use in your website, it’s time to start thinking about content and strategizing to use those key words effectively. offers some basic SEO tips to help you optimize your entire website for search engines.

  1. Choose One Main Topic for the Site

While your website may be about more than one subject – like a site that sells products and provides extensive resources for site visitors in a different category – strive to make the site revolve around one theme. When you do your keyword research, keep in mind that they should reflect the main topic of the site.

  1. Put Keywords in the Most Important Places

Your site’s main idea should be the keyword in the site title, blog categories, page titles, page content, the domain name, and tagline. These are the places search engines look for keywords, so place yours appropriately throughout the site to be sure that search engines pick it up.

  1. Link Your Internal Pages

Link to your site’s most important pages from your home page. Then link pages together within the site. For example, your contact page should be linked from several pages within the site so that site visitors can easily reach you. Another idea is to link to your product page from your blog so readers can easily jump to your e-store to purchase your products you mention in the blog.

  1. Put Keywords in Your Permalink Structures.

Instead of, use a URL structure that incorporates text, particularly keywords. So the former URL becomes

  1. Delete Unnecessary Items that Slow Down the Site.

Site visitors will leave if your page takes too long to load. Music players, large image files, plugins, and flash graphics are a few extras your site can definitely do without.

  1. Put Keywords in Images.

The words you use for your image titles, descriptions and alt attributes should reflect the subject of your site. Additionally, change the name of the image file to reflect main keywords. For instance a file named ds7531.jpg becomes onlinemarketing.jpg.

What else would you recommend to newbie SEO’s?