Changing Permalinks in WordPress for SEO

Welcome! I’m excited to begin this new blog focused on WordPress tips, tricks, and the latest news. And with an overall focus on SEO. I’m going to begin posting regular blog entries with introductory level SEO tips and work my way up to some advanced features. Along the way, I’ll be sharing what I’v learned within WordPress to grow client websites. Let’s kick things off with my biggest pet peeve…..permalinks.

What are permalinks in WordPress

From the top….in essence, permalinks are the ending portion of your WordPress post or page. More specifically, and directly from WordPress: “Permalinks are the permanent URLs to your individual weblog posts, as well as categories and other lists of weblog postings.”

In the example of this blog you’re reading, the permalink structure would be: /changing-permalinks-in-wordpress-for-seo. Now when I set up this site I changed the permalink structure from the default choice over to post name. Let’s look at the screenshot below.


Back to my pet peeve. I’ve seen a ton of websites that leave the default permalink structure. So, as an example, if I didn’t change my permalinks, this post URL might have been ?p=299. Let me give you a few reasons why you should change your URL structure:

  • Look: This may be my OCD, but I really like a nice looking URL with keywords.
  • User Awareness: I’m a strong believer in user friendly URLs. I want my website visitors to know the theme of my post or page by just looking at the URL.
  • Keyword Insertion: For SEO, having a clean URL structure with your keywords in them can go a long way for higher rankings.

To change your URL structure, navigate here: Login to WordPress Admin > Appearance > Permalinks.

We’ll talk more in upcoming blogs about keyword planning in future blogs. For now, login and switch your URL structure!

Have fun with WordPress and check out our site for additional WordPress SEO resources!