How to Create a WordPress Blog

If you’re a writer, photographer , designer or just someone who wants somewhere where they can write about something personal or and to hear what others have to say- then definitely a personal blog is thing for you. A blog is the best and easiest way to create your online presence and start sharing your ideas.

A WordPress theme provides flexibility and customization features that Facebook can ever provide. Plus an added advantage is that with a WordPress blog is that it’s self-hosted with your own domain name, you own it. You can customize it any way you want.

WordPress is actually one of the most widely used blogging platform and is the most popular software in the world. It has a set of features, designed to make your experience as a publisher as pleasant as possible. With WordPress you can:

  • Publish and edit posts
  • Sort articles into categories
  • Search within your content
  • Manage users access
  • Change your themes and lot more.

So how does one go about the process of creating a WordPress blog? We’ll take you step by step:

  1. First sign up with a hosting website and click on their log in link provided. Enter your details you signed up with into the cpanel.
  2. Once logged in scroll down to the bottom of the page where you’ll see WordPress available for installation. Click on the WordPress icon. Then just click on install.
  3. Specify the name of your blog, the admin and password to be used. Take note of the password and admin login credentials.
  4. Click on install and it’ll take just under 60 seconds to do so. Then you’ll be greeted by a default WordPress page, enter your admin credential and password to log in.
  5. You’ll see a dashboard hover over ‘New’ and select ‘Post” from the drop down menu that appears.
  6. Enter title for the post and enter the texts below that headline. You can also copy paste from word documents or a text editor.
  7. You can decide to customize the appearance to suit your personal needs. It can be done in the appearance section of the admin menu. Hundreds of themes to choose from.

After finishing just click on ‘publish’ and voila your blog is now live!! Have fun!