Difference between WordPress visual and code editor

The ability to differentiate between the WordPress visual and HTML code editors can be very critical in keeping your site or blog looking more organized and professional.

Those who don’t know the difference end up thinking that their WordPress blog is faulty. And every time it’s the formatting added into the post from an outside word processing programs like MS word or an HTML editor or maybe even copy pasting from another blog.
Copy pasting from a different word processor might bring in some formatting elements that WordPress might not understand or not sure what to do with it. You won’t realize all this until after you’ve created a new post and appears to have problems.

With the Visual its WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) and the code editor is for the programmer who knows code better than most of us know the back of our hands.

On the code editor you can useful as a spell checker, punctuation and others. Just paste the post into the editor from other word processors and it won’t bring all that extra formatting. It will treat any regular text pasted or typed as plain old text. The same can’t be said about WordPress Visual, it will read all is well but its not.

The Visual editor is very useful when it comes to adding images/videos into posts creating links and even changing text colours. Just add plugins and you don’t need other third party apps to create your post.

The code editor in its way, yes it can be used the same way to add images and videos but it requires special html codes that aren’t just available for everyone.

So in short the WordPress visual is used for writers, publishers, photographers and anyone who isn’t a tech guru. The Code editor is for those who live, eat and sleep html codes and other design codes out. Use it for plain texts.