How to Login into a WordPress site

After successfully installing and publishing their first blog on WordPress, people sometimes get excited and forget to get some of the simple things when it come s to blogging.

Many bloggers aren’t aware of how to log in to their WordPress blog without having a link to login place don their sites footer or widget areas.

You can login to your dashboard which is where you will begin building your WordPress site. It’s important to note that your login credentials aren’t the same as your Cpanel user name and passwords unless you set them up as one and the same.

To login into your WordPress site you need the following:

  • WordPress Installation URL: if you installed WordPress on the root of your domain your URL access would be;
  • WPFROG_›_Log_In

  • WordPress Username: This is the username you set up when initially installing the WordPress.
  • WordPress password: this is the password you set up when you were installing. If you emailed the installation details during the installation process it will be in that email possibly.

After you’re sure you have all the above information you can now go about the process of login into your WordPress site:

Enter your installation URL to your internet browser i.e. If you installed WordPress on a folder called blog then your domain would be

After doing that the browser will take you to a login screen.

Type the user name and password you used when you installed your WordPress. If you can remember them then there’s a link just below to help you reset both the username and password.

After login to the dashboard successfully you will see the WordPress dashboard ready to publish another post.

If for any reasons you have trouble login in, contact your host’s support team for help.