Should you use a WordPress SEO plugin?

A plugin is by far the complete and successful SEO solution that is available for WordPress. We highly recommend the Yoast SEO plugin. It has received over a million downloads. We simply use SEO plugin to improve our on-page SEO. Everyone who has blogged has heard about it and knows it’s important for a site. It has a ton of features and options that provides an alternate to the users.

We use it to add custom post title, Meta description, and Meta keyword for the posts, pages, and taxonomies (tags, categories etc).

It actually shows you a Google search result snippet preview, so you can see exactly how your content will look when someone searches for it in Google. It has the ability to get you verified Google authorship for your site. It also has the ability to verify Google webmaster tools, yahoo site explorer, and Bing webmaster tools.

The WordPress SEO plugin helps create XML sitemaps that support images. It also gives one the ability to have advanced configuration such as removing a specific post, page, post type, or taxonomy from a sitemap. It notifies search engines automatically once the content that’s put up is published.

The plugin has breadcrumb support, with configurable breadcrumbs titles and basic import functionality for HeadSpace2 with .htacces and robots.txt editor.
It also helps in adding custom RSS footer for our WordPress posts. It has a social integration unit that allows for the correction of titles, descriptions, and images for Facebook using the OpenGraph Meta data. Plus it allows the addition of twitter cards in the WordPress.

There are obsolete functions that don’t work and the plugin tries to solve that problem. The functions WordPress is currently using are kind of depreciated in the latest versions of PHP, but this won’t affect WordPress for years so it needs fixing. That’s the main reason why a plugin is required.

Download it today and play around with the SEO data on your site! Enjoy!