WordPress Hosting Options

There are a number of WordPress hosting sites in the internet, all which meet the minimum requirements set for hosting word press. Choosing the right site can be a herculean task but with the right information, the task can be easy.

When it comes to selecting the word press hosting site there are factors that lone must consider, these are: speed, cost, tools, security and support. There are five types of plans that are available:

Managed WordPress hosting

This plan is described as an elite word press hosting as it is good in terms of tools, speed and security. Here a company takes full charge and care of your blog in terms of management, providing support and security.

Virtual Private server (VPS)

With this type of plan, you only get to share a site with a few other websites, this gives you a chance to develop own site. It can handle high traffic and large content but this comes with an extra cost which is mainly determined by the storage.

Dedicated WordPress Hosting

This option gives you a whole server; you have full control of over it including the choice of hardware and operating system. This option is not recommended for the newbie due to its complexity and cost.

Free WordPress hosting

Just as the name suggests this plan is available for free, therefore when it comes to the issues of cost this option is the most viable as one is not required to pay anything to enjoy it. There are many sites which are offering this option, searching through the internet will give you several results. One disadvantage with this kind of a plan touches on issues of security and control of the site. It is not secure and the owner of the site can decide to remove your content from the site at any time even without informing you.

Shared WordPress Hosting

This is one of the most popular hosting options, it is liked for its convenience in terms of cost, here you share with others. When you have large contents or heavy traffic on your blog you might experience problems such as crashing.