Why WordPress?

I see a lot of people asking why to use WordPress over other CMS providers. Here are some thoughts.

Why WordPress?

WordPress SEO is perhaps the most revolutionary product in internet marketing today. From good working relationship with all the search engines to being a universally accepted Contact Management System, WordPress SEO platform is perhaps the best illustration that with a good platform, anything is possible. As if to entrench its position as the market leader in blogging systems, there are thousands of WordPress SEO tips written to help the bloggers improve traffic to their sites. It is a very versatile platform for integrating SEO best practices. But why is WordPress SEO platform so popular? Below are some of the reasons why it controls 54% of the blogging market.

Easy to tweak without necessarily changing the content and design

WordPress allows the users to change, edit, add and highlight the SEO components such as keyword density, tags and meta-tags, backlinks, etc. without changing the content and design of the website. The backend of the WordPress blog is easily accessible by the administrator of the blog; thereby making the changes extremely easy. You do not have to contact your website developer to be able to effect these changes.

User Friendly

The reason why Microsoft became a market leader in the world desktop software market is because their windows series was easy to use by the end users. WordPress SEO seems to have learnt this lesson very well. For any product to become successful on the market, it has to have the good will of the users. WordPress has cultivated a good relationship with its users and bloggers. It boasts an easy to use design; it is easy to upload content such as pictures, video clips and articles on the platform. Further, the platform has a comprehensive ‘how to’ help guide that can be followed even by a layman. Amazingly, once you learn the system – even after upgrades and design change – you do not have to get refresher courses.

Database Driven

A website that loads quickly – no matter how heavy the content – is bound to attract a lot of traffic. WordPress SEO platform is database driven. Its developers have optimized the database querying system thus improving the loading time. This means that whenever a user tries to open a website developed using WordPress SEO, it loads quickly. Accessing other links on the webpage is also faster. Readers and shoppers do not want to visit a website which returns error 404, or one that takes you more than 50 seconds to load. People are busy and they wish to use as little time as possible to read the content on your website and move on. Lucky is the person who gets his blog or website done on the WordPress SEO platform.

WordPress is Open Source

The widgets, Plugins, and themes available under WordPress SEO ensure that the developers have limitless scope on which they can advance the webpage and suit the needs of their customers. This means that the platform has room for creativity. You can use all the WordPress SEO tips on the internet and develop your own. The chances are limitless. It is a free platform and you will never have copyright issues as long as you create your own content.

Good Working Relationship with Google

Google is the largest and most popular search engine. It goes without saying that a good relationship with Google will see your fortunes on the internet take an upward trend. Due to its ease of loading and room for creativity, Google sees WordPress SEO as a business partner. In fact, since over 54% of the search engine optimization business is run on the platform, Google cannot do without the services of the WordPress SEO platform.