Revenue-Driven B2B Marketer, Educator, Family Man

Thanks for stopping by! I’m a B2B marketer who loves bringing campaigns to life. My objective is to increase revenue by building effective pipe gen channels.

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My Expertise

Strategy / Direction

Creating and implementing successful B2B marketing and outreach strategies to drive pipeline growth and overall sales.

B2B Partnerships

Developing win-win industry partnerships that create scenarios where partners both thrive in a competitive landscape.

Connecting Clients

Getting high-quality content on search engines at the moment company’s prospects are looking for a need.

Outreach Focus

Personalizing outreach coupled with high-value-driven content and messaging to connect B2B companies with ideal customers.


From Growth to Acquisition

In my six year tenure at DevelopIntelligence (DI), I created and implemented an overall B2B marketing strategy to grow 20%+ YOY, implemented organic campaigns to drive 20% YOY traffic growth, and designed and implemented an internal remote SDR team driving MQL growth consistently 130%+ YOY growth. All of these activities helped DI get acquired by Pluralsight in the fall of 2020.

"You know when you spot the hidden gem - the rockstar that will help you get to the next level? Well - that's Bob Clary. When Bob joined Di, we were struggling to get beyond single-digit YoY growth. During Bob's tenure at DI, and his work leading our marketing strategy and lead generation teams, we experienced 30% annualized growth for 4 years. Beyond that, Bob truly works with the partner and business owner mindset and is an amazing asset to building company culture. I would highly recommend Bob if you're looking for someone to bring the growth engine to you!"

Kelby Zorgrdager

CEO, DevelopIntelligence

Recent Projects

Nice to meet you.

I'm Bob Clary, Tech Training Guru & B2B Marketer

I like to support others by providing guidance and implementing technical marketing programs.I believe that we never should never rely on any one source to drive purchasing decisions. As a marketer, it’s my mission to put my company in the best position in the market.

Bob Clary

Tech Marketing Guru

My Experience

Vice President, Marketing (2021 - Present)


Director of Marketing (2015 - 2021)


Online Marketing Consultant (2012-Present)

Multiple Companies.

Marketing Manager (2015-2017)

Anelli Xavier Law Firm

Marketing Manager (2010-2015)



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There are not enough people who understand the mechanics of marketing like Bob does. Bob understands how to take all these different types of marketing technologies that are out there and quickly deploy them in a productive way to drive demand with ease.Bob will jump in, design out a program and do whatever it takes to make sure it creates demand and supports the business strategy at hand. It was fun to work with him on our project.

Brett Schklar

Brett Schklar

Bob is a terrific employee and person. He is smart, creative, hard working and fun to work with. He gives 110% to everything he does, routinely makes difficult tasks seem effortless, and brings out the best in everyone he works with. He is a fast and self-directed learner who is always looking for new ways to do things and constructively shares his ideas with others. No company will ever regret hiring Bob.

Dave Dunn

CEO at Webucator

Bob is a strong leader and creative marketing manager. He has been critical to our email marketing and online advertising efforts. Managing campaigns across several mediums and platforms, he is an expert at Google AdWords and Analytics. He knows the platforms so well, that he has authored and taught our Google Analytics and AdWords courses. I enjoy working along side Bob, collaborating on projects to develop the resources needed to effectively marketing of Webucator services and products. Bob is an excellent marketing manager, and a great colleague.

Brian Love

Software Architect

My Volunteer Time