Best Ways to Experience Aruba with Families

Bob Clary

Ok, I'll admit it. I'm obsessed with Aruba. It's always nice weather, beautiful, outside of the hurricane belt, US dollar is the main currency and English is the top language. It's truly a home away from home. 

I've sent this list to a few friends and colleagues of our must-do activities, and wanted to share it here as well.

Here are some of the recommendations that we do every time. And if you just want me to come be your tour guide, I'm down as well! 


Jolly Pirates (we've done this 9 times and right out front of Marriott): (they will pick you up) (also walking distance of Marriott)

And get a rental car for a day or two and drive to the other side of the island and hit up these spots all at that end of the island same day: (no one knows about this spot) (gets a little busy) (where the locals go for seafood)

Restaurants: (only Wednesday nights and you'll have to book ASAP. Boat ride to an exotic island and eat on the beach with flamingos....this location is also "downtown" Aruba so you can go into town earlier and hit up the casinos, shops, etc.) (probably the best meal I've ever had before. Awesome experience but sells out quickly so you'll have too book right away) (our daughters favorite breakfast spot)

And there are a ton of hotel casinos / bars / restaurants all walking distance. This is a good overview (which is why you don't want an all inclusive in Aruba):

Here's all of my pics from last summer:

PS. They have decent cell service there. It's 3G so not super fast but you can still check shit. And most every place there has wifi as well. We have T-Mobile and it was all free.